The Six Million Dollar Pizzas

The original bitcoin pizzas

“Laszlo’s Pizza” May 22nd has become recognized as “Bitcoin Pizza Day”, celebrating the first purchase with bitcoins, 6 years ago. Bitcoin was still in its infancy, as one BitcoinTalk forum contributor reflected, “I discovered Bitcoin in late 2009. …Satoshi walked freely amongst us then and answered our questions directly. I felt like I had discovered […]

What is SEO?

seo analysis

Having a great looking website is nice, but if no one knows about it, it’s failing in its primary purpose. Whether a hobby or a business, websites are meant to be seen. The object of SEO is to attract more visitors to the website. Short Answer: Seo is Search Engine Optimization. SEO vs. SEM To […]

How to Choose a Domain Name

The first step in web design, and one of the most important, is choosing the best name for your website. However, deciding on the right domain name for your website can be difficult – these days there are thousands of new website URLs registered every day. Finding a good domain name is an important part […]